Private Comedy Shows


Let us make your next company event one of the best ever by bringing the funny!

We bring professional comedians doing PG18+ material to your next company event be it your venue, or the Laughing Skull Lounge! If you are interested, email us here.

If you really want to take the comedy show to historic levels, then we suggest doing what we call, the Internal Comedy Show. The Internal Comedy Show comedy show features people that work in your company! Our professional writing staff will work with these performers one-on-one to help them write and rehearse their routine in order to make sure they get lots of laughs! We'll also make a custom comedy show poster that goes around the office(s) that really helps build the excitement. These comedy shows are amazing, and past performers often receive standing ovations going on and off stage from coworkers!

Let your next company event be
the Internal Comedy Show and it will be one of the best events you ever had! Well, that is what we hear from all our past clients anyways.

We do these amazing events through our sister company Humor Wins. Learn more by clicking here!