1 - We are located at 878 Peachtree St NE. inside the Vortex in Midtown. There's another Vortex in Little 5 Points. We are not there.

2 - Our club has a 2 drink minimum. This means when you come to the club you purchase 2 drinks while you're there. This applies to all customers, and drinks include soda and water. Please see our MENU for options.

3 - For refunds or transfers please see policy below.

4 - We recommend every guest arrive 30 minutes prior to show time to be able to get a drink, get settled in their seats, and avoid the line of people who are also running late. If you are late, we will hold your seats for up to 30 minutes after the start of the show. After that they are not guaranteed.

5 - We DO NOT serve food in the club. If you want to grub, please do so before OR after the show. We're attached to a sweet little restaurant that can accommodate any and all hunger needs.

6 - There's NO SMOKING in the club. This includes vape pens, e-cigs, or any other computerized form of smoking that has been dreamed up.

7 - Because of the volume of requests, we DO NOT do any special birthday (or other events) shout outs, etc., People celebrate their bdays with us often and on many nights we'll have a few people turning the dial on the old age gauge. We only have 90 minutes to entertain the hell out of you so to take time out of every show for shout out would be too hard. We promise we wish you the happiest of birthdays though.

8 - If you've lost / left something in the club, please call (404)875-1667. This is the number to the Vortex Restaurant. They CANNOT help you with any Laughing Skull related questions, but do handle Lost and Found.

9 - Shows run approximately 90 minutes in length.

10 - We DO NOT sell tickets over the phone. Please use the website for any and all purchases.

Refund & Transfer Policy
- All refund or transfer requests can be completed by emailing OR calling LaughStub at patronsupport@vendini.com / (866) 710-8942. These options can also be used for sales assistance. Hours of operation are 9am - 9pm EST. When requesting a refund through LaughStub PLEASE cc whatup@laughingskulllounge.com as well for fastest service.

**These requests can also be sent to Laughing Skull directly. We DO NOT process either of the aforementioned inquiries over the phone, and will answer emails as quickly as we can. Please message whatup@laughingskulllounge.com for assistance.**

- Refunds WILL NOT be issued if tickets are purchased within 4 hours from the start of the show.
Refunds can be processed, but will only include Ticket Price & Tax.
Refunds and Transfers MUST be requested 4 hours prior to the start of showtime. Requests made within 4 hours (or less) of showtime can be transferred to another guest (friend, family, etc.,), by emailing the names of the individuals by emailing OR calling LaughStub at patronsupport@vendini.com / (866) 710-8942, but will NOT be eligible for either a Transfer OR Refund.
- A $2 per ticket fee is associated with every transfer and must be paid before the start of the show.


**If interested in our FIRE ARM POLICY (this is Georgia, so YES we have one), please email whatup@laughingskulllounge.com**