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Stand-Up Comedy Class at The Laughing Skull Lounge

"Find the torture you're comfortable with and you'll do well." - Jerry Seinfeld

This is an INTRO-beginner class where you will learn the basics of writing and performing stand-up comedy! The class has a strong focus on learning how to find the funny in your own life, and turning your personal hilarious stories into tight stage ready jokes. The class places a strong emphasis on being authentic and finding your own unique comedy voice while mastering the basics of performance. We also provide an education on how the business works! How and what you need to get booked on shows, and what it takes to go from a class clown to a professional one!

The 411:

  • Class will begin May 9th and run through June 13th with a Graduation show happening June 20th!!!
  • Classes happen Saturday morning from 10:00 am - 1:00pm.
  • Class duration is six weeks with a graduation performance on the 7th week
  • Class is limited to only 12 students so you get more attention
  • Fee comes with professional video of your performance at Grad Show
  • All classes are taught at the world famous Laughing Skull Lounge giving you stage time on a real stage for six weeks before you graduate!
  • The Graduation show is at The Laughing Skull Lounge which means you get to perform on the same stage as comedy legends like; Dave Chappelle, Robin Williams, Ron White, Joe Rogan, Hannibal Buress, Chris Tucker, Zach Galifianakis, Aisha Tyler, Marc Maron, Natasha Leggero, and more!
  • You have free admission for two every Thursday & Sunday during your 6-week class. We encourage you to see professional comedians to see how the pros do it.
  • Graduation is Saturday at 5:00 pm at The Laughing Skull Lounge.
Total Cost - $450
*Full Payment due to register for class. We do not accept deposit payment to hold spots.*

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*Please Note we will sell 15 class spots based on first come first serve basis.*

*Refunds may only be requested 7 days before the start of the first class, and will NOT be issued any time thereafter.*

You do not have to take comedy classes to be a comedian. But we look at it like golf (but way less boring)... you can take all the lessons in the world, but what matters is getting out there and doing it.

We made a video called 'Stand-Up 101: The Fundaments.' Watch it here for FREE and then take our class OR get on stage to apply what we teach in this video!

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