Open Mics

Open Mics
(that is why we do it twice a week)
Laughing Skull Comedy Open Mic happens every Tuesday and Wednesday and starts at 8pm!

What is the Open Mic you ask? The open mic is for both amateur talent, and for visiting national comedians to work on their material (...or to help rebuild their confidence)! You will see people doing jokes for the first time, expanding on current jokes, and some times just plain eating it... which is pretty awesome! Regardless, The Laughing Skull supports comedy as an Art Form, and as an art form, watch us explore, expand, die, laugh, and strike gold!

The Comedians on each show are PRE-BOOKED, and shows are typically booked up to 3-4 weeks out.

As of January 2015 the Open Mic is 21+! No exceptions!

If you are interested in performing at the Laughing Skull Open Mic, email the show's Booker - Ben Evans -

Please Include In Your Email:
1. Is this your first time performing stand up?
2. If this is not your first time, please provide your stand-up experience.
3. If you plan on bringing anyone out to support the show!
4. Any questions you have regarding the performance, material, etc...

*HOT TIP* (if you're a person): Please begin your email with a "Hello" (or whatever colloquial salutation you prefer), and then introduce yourself - like with your name.  There are a lot of people trying to get on this show and people who are unable to compose a minimally cordial email are easy to overlook.

A DVD of your Set can be Professionally recorded for $15 and will be emailed to you within a days following the show! Arrangements for the DVD can be made the night of the show.

DO NOT call our reservations number because they will tell you to read this page.

Please attempt to maintain a professional appearance when booked on the show (i.e. don't "forget" shoes).

If you are looking for something different to do, want to laugh, feel sorry for, and be highly entertained, then come to Atlanta's #1 Open Mic!

Thank you, Good Luck, and HAVE FUN!