> Dirtbag Business
Duration - 27:39
The dudes all get together to talk about the current status of Bob's film, driverless cars, and Andrew's music video cameo.
> Halloween 2014
Duration - 45:52
Bob, Marshall, and Andrew are joined by special guest Chris Bell to discuss their Halloween plans and the last time they all shat themselves.
> Ice Bucket Politics
Duration - 36:55
The guys all have different feelings about the Ice Bucket Challenge and Marshall gets into politics.
> Time Travel and Tinder
Duration - 33:47
The guys catch up after taking a couple weeks off, things get weird as they normally do.
> Michael's Dicks
Duration - 32:16
Michael is finally asked about his fascination with phallic objects and Andrew explains why roller coasters are terrible.
> Bil Dwyer
Duration - 39:05
Not everyone has a good chimp story, Bil Dwyer has 4 of them (and shares them on this very specail episode!)
> The Cali Car Fire
Duration - 27:19
Some big revelations in this episode, including how Michael avoided bullies in high school (and probably forever).
> Truth or Dare
Duration - 27:27
Bob shares how he got his middle school nickname and Michael plays his first ever game of truth or dare.
> Public Pool Podcast
Duration - 26:56
Topics include: Piercings, Seeing Eye Snakes, Public Pools, and the regularly unplanned drop-in from Rebecca.
Guns 4 Rent
Duration - 36:37
Illegal adult toy stores, rental guns, robot morality, and much more gets discussed on this episode of the Laughing Skull Podcast!
2014 Skull Fest Podcast
Duration - 30:10
The guys gather around in the middle of the 2014 Laughing Skull Comedy Festival.
Free Tots
Duration - 25:17
The boys debate the age of consent, discuss a relatively new holiday, and decide on a new tater tot based marketing strategy.
The Tapecast
Duration - 30:05
If you listen to the Laughing Skull Podcast, then you already know what this episode is about.
Duration - 27:44
With Atlanta shut down for 3 days, the boys finally made it down to the basement to talk about their adventures and to read some listener mail... sort of
Vortex Dynasty
Duration - 23:35
Michael gets a reality show, Marshall challenges Michael to a book writing race, and Andrew isn't allowed to talk about pedophilia.
Bobcat Goldthwait Returns
Duration - 52:02
One of our favorites, Bobcat Goldthwait stopped by to discuss his time with Nirvana, his films, what's wrong with the world and more!
New Year's 2014
Duration - 32:09
Marshall, Michael, and Andrew discuss their New Year's Resolutions, their favorite pranks, nuclear waste, and much more!
Thems the Rules
Duration - 31:53
Topics include: Michael's favorite new app, the newly offensive rules for the Vortex, cyber bullying, and the end of the world (aka, the usual)
Ritch Shydner
Duration - 31:15
Ritch Shydner joined the guys to share a couple stories, talk about comedy philosophy, and Bob's gay pride shenanigans..
Pride Weekend
Duration - 22:09
With Gay Pride weekend coming up, the boys are very excited... some more than others.
Barry Rothbart
Duration - 38:21
Barry Rothbart joined the guys to talk about snitches needing stitches, his role in the new Martin Scorsese film, and orgies on airplanes.
We're Getting Sued!
Duration - 40:13
Yup, we're getting sued. Hear all about it, and about Bob's job at Chuck E. Cheese, in this very special episode!
Almost Business Meeting
Duration - 29:53
The usual fellahs all gathered around to talk about Michael's "business" trip to Mexico, black sheep, and various side projects.
The Crying Drunk Girl
Duration - 29:53
The usual gang gets together with some of their friends from the bar to talk about all of their adventures from the past week.
Carmen Lynch
Duration - 33:01
Carmen joined the boys to talk about all things Atlanta, including the Clermont Lounge, Luda, Outkast, and more!
The Death of Banjo Boy
Duration - 31:44
Michael is very, very dissapointed in Andrew for no longer wanting to be Banjo Boy.
Mary Lynn Rajskub
Duration - 37:49
Mary Lynn Rajskub stopped by the dungeon to talk about all the important issues that you would come to expect from the Laughing Skull Podcast.
Banjo Boy
Duration - 31:14
With Baton Bob back in trouble, Michael comes up with the perfect solution for Midtown's sidewalk entertainment needs. Also, robots. .
Guns and Grills
Duration - 21:49
The usual gang sits down to talk about the important issues of the week in Atlanta. Topics include: The mugger who got shot outside of the Vortex, Baton Bob getting arrested, and Marshall's tooth ache. .
Hobo Heaven
Duration - 30:10
With Midtown Atlanta being invaded with homeless dudes from Las Vegas, the gang discusses the positives and negatives of the situation at hand.
Business Time
Duration - 19:07
Since we're usually discussing business on the podcast, we decided to talk about other people's business models on this episode. Also, Michael introduces his new favorite thing: Mama Birding!
Matt McCarthy
Duration - 31:43
Matt McCarthy came down to the dungeon to talk about what it was like to write for pro wrestling, South Africa, and Pete Holmes' penis!
Win A Date With Andrew
Duration - 29:12
Such a special episode. Bob may get to have a 3some with Margaret Cho, Michael gives away some money, Marshall explains aliens, and the contest to win a date with Andrew is announced.
Cougars and the Economy
Duration - 40:12
Another educational episode of the Laughing Skull Podcast, where the serious issues are addressed, such as :Strippers aren't making the money they used to, butt stuff is more socially acceptable than licking dogs, and why cougars love young studs.
Laughing Skull Lent
Duration - 23:35
Lots of fun times and life lessons in this episode. Topics include: marriage, how to die, the perfect funeral, and the introduction of the Laughing Skull Lent.
Ben Evans
Duration - 31:43
Since Ben was sitting at the table when the podcast started, we figured we'd let him say things while we recorded. This is that recording. Topics include: the Crazy Sororrity Email, how not to get arrested, and more!
After Robin Williams
Duration - 32:18
After Robin Williams stopped by the club lastnight for a surprise set and blew everyone's mind, the guys gathered around the podcast table to talk about their evening with the comedy legend. Also, Bob's threesome and Andrew's bad lady skills are explored, so there'es that.
Rick Overton
Duration - 36:17
Rick Overton came on the podcast to talk about the important things in life, like tap dancing, Bob's almost 3 some, and why there are security cameras in the Vortex.
The Interview
Duration - 38:16
Since Michael scheduled an interview for a possible server at the same time as the podcast, he just had her come down and let Marshall, Bob, and Andrew help with the interview process. It gets just as weird as you would have expected it to...
The Basement Boys
Duration - 42:35
The usual crew all gathered around the old podcast table in the basement of the Laughing Skull to talk about relationships, life, and other things that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Duncan Trussell
Duration - 38:55
Michael's favorite person, Duncan Trussell, joined him, Andrew, and Jamey for an intellegent conversation on intimacy, relationships, evolution, and ballsacks.
Todd Glass
Duration - 56:24
Todd Glass is on this episode, do we really have to say anything else? No? We didn't think so.
Greg Proops
Duration - 29:54
Greg Proops stopped by to talk about his role in Star Wars, how Snap Chat has revolutionized the dick pic, keyboard cat, and much much more!
The Regulars
Duration - 29:30
Michael, Marshall, Bob, and Andrew all gather around the table to discuss the new Skull art car, parades, and where to find the proper tools needed to tase Andrew
The Basics
Duration - 35:12
The usual crew gathered around the podcast table to talk about Michael getting drunk and heckling Marshall, Bob's hour special, and why Andrew is such a man.
No Live Animals
Duration - 34:20
Marshall, Michael, and Andrew all sit down to discuss the craziest news story of the year, asteroids, the Laughing Skull's new variety freak show, and kissing dudes.
Kyle Kinane
Duration - 42:23
Kyle Kinane came on the podcast to talk about being the voice of Comedy Central, college, meth labs, and the world's greatest pickup line.
Dave Waite
Duration - 38:03
The winner of the 2012 Laughing Skull Festival, Dave Waite, came down to the dungeon to talk about the Laughing Skull Festival, why Dustin Diamond is an awful human, and Bob's Home Depot incident.
Kurt Braunohler
Duration - 35:57
Kurt Braunohler comes by to discuss the important issues, like what to call little people, pooping in the pool, Martin Luther Wings, and his experience at the Clermont Lounge.
Not Jeff Garlin
Duration - 43:27
Jeff Garlin couldn't make it to the podcast, so Marshall, Bob, Michael, and Andrew all sat down to discuss ex girlfriends, how to get "mouth hugs", the Clermont Lounge, and Andrew's latest side project.
Bobcat Goldthwait
Duration - 52:34
One of our favorites, Bobcat Golthwait, comes in to talk about his favorite heclker, how to get free popcorn, the rebel flag, stalkers, bigfoot, and his recent films. Partial nudity is involved...
Jared Logan
Duration - 29:37
Jared, Michael, Marshall and Bob all give Andrew advice on how to pick up the ladies and much more on this very educational episode of the Laughing Skull Podcast.
Tom Simmons
Duration - 41:32
One of our favorites, Tom Simmons, stops by to talk about Japanese culture, 50 Shades of Blue Balls, New Year's Eve, and Andrew's skilled wing man talents.
Eric Von Haessler
Duration - 53:09
For the end of the world, we had a double guest episode! Eric Von Haessler from The Regular Guys and Lucky Yates from Archer stopped by to talk about the Pandamonium that has been going on lately, the time Marshall got attacked by a tiger, and Home Alone.
The Usuals
Duration - 28:40
Marshall admits to being a cryer, Bob shares one of the worst things he's ever done, and Andrew tries to get Michael to get him back into high school.
Costaki Economopoulos & Tom Simmons
Duration - 45:50
Double headliner podcast! On this episode, Bob shares his Thanksgiving story, the Skull Crew faces a moral issue on what to do with a letter that was sent to the club, Marshall tests everyone with a question regarding teabagging, and Tom plays with a gun, which made Costaki very uneasy.
Adam Newman & Trevor Williams
Duration - 18:34
Adam and Trevor stop in for a special mini-sode of the Laughing Skull Podcast, where they discuss "the cocaine incident", how they want to die, and punching dudes in wheelchairs.
Vic Henley
Duration - 38:37
Vic Henley comes by to talk about his time living in Atlanta, Michael discusses what rednecks are like, Bob is terrified of meeting his girlfriend's parents, and Marshall laughs harder than previously thought humanly possible.
Joe Matarese
Duration - 37:16
Marshall and Michael tell about the now infamous Sam Worthington incident, Bob shares his craziest story to date, Joe turns into different comedians, and much more on this very special (and NSFW) episode of the Laughing Skull Podcast.