With over a million views in just 4 days, this video of comedian (and Atlanta native) Adam Newman finding cocaine in the coat pocket of a heckler at the Laughing Skull Lounge has officially gone viral. The day after the video was posted, it was featured on the front page of youtube, the Huffington Post’s comedy page, Buzzfeed, College Humor, and countless other blogs and comedy sites.

The video was recorded during the 10:30 show on Saturday November 24th, which had been interrupted by the owner of the coat numerous times before the incident took place. Spontaneous and impossible to replicate instances like this are exactly why we at the Laughing Skull record everything that comes across the stage, because you never know when something unexpected is going to happen.

Before Adam came onstage and the events in the video transpired, Marshall Chilies was interrupted by the coke toting audience member sitting in the front row and texting throughout the show. When asked who he was talking to, the guy said that he was conducting business, because he was a promoter. Marshall then made a joke that the only reason he would be conducting business during a show at that time of night would be if he were a drug dealer, which turned out to be more true than previously thought.

Moments before Adam came out on stage, the man and his wife left the club to go to the restroom. Because Adam had been watching the show, he knew that they had been disruptive and began his set by saying how it would be funny if he was wearing the guy’s jacket that he had left on the back of his chair when he came back in. Because this was being said as the wife was returning, she agreed to be in on the joke and handed the jacket over to Adam. It is still unknown whether or not she knew the contents of the pockets of the jacket at the time, meaning that she was either oblivious, or had balls of absolute steel and didn’t have any fear of those pesky “don’t just carry around cocaine” laws.

In the video, you can see Adam going through the pockets, searching for anything to riff on, which happened in a way that was almost impossible to see coming. After finding a wrist band and a phone number on a torn piece of paper, he partially pulls out a small bag of white powder from a pocket that he originally did not see. He instantly realizes what is in the bag, gets rightfully freaked out, and takes off the jacket to put it back on the chair as he says “you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me,” because you rarely want to get caught playing with a stranger’s cocaine when they come back from the bathroom after disappearing for a while (trust me!). Moments later, Adam says that it was the scariest moment of his life, then recovers by saying that if they heckle, they are going to jail.

Adam tells the full story about the experience, and what he was thinking throughout the whole experience on the Laughing Skull Podcast that he recorded the next night, along with his co-headliner Trevor Williams, Marshall Chiles, and myself. During the podcast, he says that as soon as he started going through the pockets, he was scared that he would find a gun, but then as soon as he pulled out the bag of cocaine, he realized that what had actually happened was much scarier for him on a personal level.

This isn’t the only case of a cocaine fueled heckler within the past month. As it can be seen in THIS video, comedian Jake Weisman had a similar encounter when he confronted a heckler in New Orleans, who turned out to also be carrying his own supply of white power. What have we learned from these 2 incidences? First, that comedians have to know how to think quick on their feet like Adam did. And secondly, that cocaine is to heckling comedians as bath salts are to eating faces (not necessary, but it helps).